NFS Commander is a program for MacOS X (10.2 and higher) that provides an easy to use graphical interface for managing NFS mounts and exports.

Latest News
NFS Commander 0.54 released   jtalkington - 2003-09-04 14:31   -   NFS Commander
NFS Commander 0.54 is now available for download. It features a new interface, making it much easier to de/activate mounts/exports or options.

Note: The new interface requires you to double click something to edit it.
NFS Commander 0.53 released   jtalkington - 2003-07-13 16:27   -   NFS Commander
This release fixes bug 767418, which would cause an assertion failure if there were no mounts or exports in NetInfo. It also features the ability to import/save groups.
NFS Commander 0.52 released   jtalkington - 2003-07-02 13:05   -   NFS Commander
This version features:
Customizable and saveable groups to make managing mounts and exports easier.
A new helper application to perform administrative functions, in keeping with a tighter security model.
NFS Commander 0.51 released   jtalkington - 2003-06-10 15:32   -   NFS Commander
This is the initial release of NFS Commander. It still has limited functionality (and should be considered Alpha software), but can perform simple tasks such as adding/editing/deleting mounts and exports.